​Pacific Public Affairs helps clients navigate the political and regulatory environment of local government to achieve successful results. PPA develops and implements strategies to obtain local government approval of business initiatives – from land use entitlements to the procurement of professional services contracts. Its three principals have amassed over ninety years of experience in public affairs and have established a consulting practice to offer their knowledge and expertise to companies that need assistance in achieving their business objectives in the public arena.

PPA practices a “client-centric” approach to managing an assignment by formulating strategies that promote a client’s business objectives and creates value by successfully navigating the local government approval process in a cost-effective manner. Our expertise covers a wide array of policy issues and regulations that affect business. PPA’s business advocacy program is comprised of three interrelated components: 1) policy expertise; 2) political strategy; and 3) rigorous strategy execution.

Given the breadth of its capabilities, PPA is uniquely positioned to provide consulting services to clients in the cannabis industry seeking local government approval to conduct business. PPA’s team will guide marijuana producers, distributors and landowners through an evolving regulatory process that will lead to the land use entitlements and other discretionary permits needed to operate a cannabis business. From large-scale cultivation operations to retail sales, PPA will develop and implement client-specific strategic plans that serve to expand a client’s existing business or launch new platforms.

PPA understands the political and regulatory environment of local government.  Let PPA create and execute a successful public affairs strategy to achieve your business goals. 


Navigating the Political and Regulatory Environment of Local Government...

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